SS 2 Catering Craft

Communication | Meaning, Importance, Means, Functions & Advantages


Communication involves the exchange of messages or information between individuals or locations, utilizing various forms such as oral, written, or visual communication.   Significance of Communication in Commerce: Establishes connections among business professionals. Raises awareness of goods and services, leading to increased demand and sales. Facilitates the settlement of business debts through methods like mail […]

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Coffee Making Service | Guidelines, Methods, Irish Coffee, Serving Specialty


Coffee is derived from the roasted beans of the coffee tree and is cultivated and shipped from various regions, including South America, India, the Middle East, and the West Indies, such as Sumatra. Brazil holds the title of the world’s largest coffee producer, followed by Colombia in second place, the Ivory Coast in third, and

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Plat Dujour


This is also known as a speciality menu. It can be a set-priced menu or individually priced menu or individually priced dish specializing in the food of a particular country, religion or a specialized food itself. The speciality could be ethnic, i.e. food on the menu could reflect Chinese, Indian, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Greek, Africa

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Carte Dujour Menu


The term “Carte du jour” translates to “menu of the day.” This concept denotes a distinct menu provided to guests, separate from the regular menu offerings. It amalgamates elements from the à la carte, table d’hôte, and plat du jour menus, each item priced accordingly. This structure allows for individual pricing, as seen in the

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Luncheon And Dinner


Lunch Representing the primary meal of the day, lunch is typically consumed in the afternoon as the midday repast. It encompasses a broad range of options, such as plate du jour, carte du jour, continental menu, or local menu. The customary order involves the serving of soup or protein first.   Luncheon This midday meal

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