SS 3 Subjects

Physics SS 3

. Physics SS 3 Visit Home Page   Theme 1       Conservation Principles  Energy and Society Conversion of Energy Theme 2       Waves, Motion without Material Transfer    Properties of Waves Electromagnetic Waves Theme 3       Fields at Rest and In Motion      Gravitational Field Electric Field Magnetic fields Electro-magnetic Field Simple A.C. circuits Theme 4                           Energy Quantization and Duality […]

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. MATHEMATICS SS 3   Visit Home Page   Theme 1          Number and Numeration      Surds Matrices and determinants Logarithm Arithematic of finance Theme 2          Algebraic Process       Application of Linear and quadratic equations to capital market etc. Theme 3          Geometry       Trignometry Graphs of Trignometric Ratios Surface Area and volume of sphere Longitude and latitude Coordinates geometry


Government SS 3

. Government SS 3   Visit Home Page   Theme 1          Federalism and Development of Political Parties In Nigeria            Federalism: origin of federalism in Nigeria Nature and structure of Nigerian federalism Problems of Nigerian federalism Minority issues and the creation of states Inter-ethnic rivalry and the issue of secession Development of political parties in Nigeria:

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Geography SS 3

. Geography SS 3   Visit Home Page   Theme 1          The Earth and The Solar System        Earth’s Internal Processes Denudational Processes Weathering Mass Movements Theme 2          Environment and Its Resources         Climatic Change Theme 3          Regional Geography of Nigeria         ECOWAS Theme 4          Economic and Human Geography    Trade Tourism. Theme 5          Introductory Geographic Information System (GIS)

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Food & Nutrition SS 3

. Food & Nutrition SS 3   Visit Home Page Theme 1          Consumer Education Consumer Education Food budgeting Choice and storage of foodstuff ICPC Theme 2          Nutrition and Health Nutritional needs of the family Special diet Theme 3          Entertainment            The art of entertainment Cultural food habits Foods for special occasions Theme 4          Food Preparation, Storage

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English Language SS 3

. English Language SS 3 Visit Home Page   Theme 1          Vocabulary Development      Words Associated with Culture, Institutions and Ceremonies Words Associated with Motor Vehicles and Travelling Words Associated with Government and Administration Words Associated with Law and Order Words Associated with Science and Technology Differentiating between British and American Spellings of Common Words Idioms

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Economics SS3

. Economics SS3 Visit Home Page   Theme 1          Comparative Economics        Economic Lessons from Asian Tigers, Japan, Europe and America Theme 2          Population, Labour Market and Human Capital Development       Human Capital Development Theme 3          Structure of The Nigerian Economy  Petroleum and the Nigerian Economy Manufacturing and Construction Service Industries Theme 4          Financial Institutions and Regulatory

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Data Processing SS 3

. Data Processing SS 3 Visit Home Page   Theme 1          Data Management     Indexes Database security Crash recovery Parallel and distributed databases Theme 2          Tools for Processing Information      Networking Theme 3          Tools for Processing Information      Computer virus Maintenance of computer II Career options in data processing     Theme 1    Data Management      INDEXES An index

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Computer SS 3

. Computer/IT SS 3 Visit Home Page   Theme 1       Information and Communications Technology        Networking Introduction to the World Wide Web (WWW) Cables & Connectors Theme 2       Computer Applications   Database Graphics (Introduction to CorelDraw) Theme 3       Problems – Solving Skills BASIC programming III (One dimentional array) High-Level Languages (H.L.L.) Theme 4       Coding Systems in Computer    

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Commerce SS 3

. Commerce SS 3 Visit Home Page   Theme 1       Business Capital and Customer Services       Capital Credit Profit Turnover Theme 2       Establishment and Management of Business          Business Law Structure of Business Introduction to Business Management Introduction to Marketing Consumer Protection Business Documents Commercialization Privatization Deregulation Theme 3       Capital Market       History of the Nigerian Capital market

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Civic Education SS 3

. Civic Education SS 3 Visit Home Page   Theme 1       Characteristics of Human Rights          Characteristics and category of human rights Theme 2       Dangers of Political Apathy        Fighting political apathy Theme 3       Public Service in A Democracy  Public service Theme 4       Civil Society and Popular Participation          Civil society Popular Participation Theme 5       Constitution of Democracy

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. BIOLOGY SS 3 Visit Home Page   Theme 1:   The Organism at Work        Regulation of Internal Environment Nervous Co-ordination Sense Organs Theme 2       The Organism And Its Environment    Ecology of Population Balance in Nature Theme 3       Continuity of Life   Reproductive System and Reproduction in Humans Development of New Seeds Fruits

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. Agricultural Science (SS 3)  Visit Home Page   Theme           Topic(s)      &   Content Details Theme 1       Crop Production    Crop Improvement Theme 2       Animal Science      Animal Improvement Animal Health Management Aquaculture Apiculture or Bee-Keeping Theme 3       Agric Economics and Extension Agricultural Finance Farm Records and Accounts Marketing of Agricultural Produce Agricultural Insurance Agricultural Extension


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